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We Make Apps

Founded in early 2017, 12 Triangles is a full service design & development house focused on delivering beautiful software through user research, digital design, and front-end development. 
We combine our classically trained artistic background with our passion for mobile and our tech expertise to provide our clients with a comprehensive perspective on digital design and customer experience.
Our Services

▶︎ Consulting ▶︎ Market Analysis ▶︎ User Personas ▶︎ UI/UX Testing


▶︎ Information Architecture ▶︎ Content Strategy ▶︎ User Interface Design ▶︎ Branding


▶︎ Mobile Apps ▶︎ Wearables ▶︎ Internet of Things ▶︎ API Integrations


▶︎ Demographic Targeting ▶︎ Social Media Campaigns ▶︎ Content Creation ▶︎ Analytics


Based out of Omaha, Nebraska we're true web based warriors connecting digitally in an ever shrinking world.

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